Sunday, February 12, 2017

Rumba and Rio!

Rumba and Rio is a natural spa in El Guamo-Tolima, it is situated in the locality of Rincon Santo, frecuently it is visited at the weekend by tourists and citizen of the región. It is a place to relax with activities such as; fishing, the motorized canoeing and table games. This is a good place to share with the family. On the other hand, it has volleyball and football courts, to stimulate the socialization and interaction of the different visitors.  

On January 1st, I went with all my family, it was a fun time because I could share with my parents. We shared too much with all the family allowing a better relation between us; additionally, we set a bonfire together in the beach, so later we could go fishing. Finally we played football in the court and we fell down. 
We laughed a lot because everything was funny.
by Leidy Martinez Devia 

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