Saturday, February 18, 2017

San Pedro's Fest!

In my hometown Espinal; there is a festival called “San Pedro’s Festival”. It is a popular celebration. San Pedro is celebrated every year in summer time from June 24th to July 4th , the numerous events held include a horse riding, fireworks, live music concerts, parades and a beauty contest.
The beauty contest is divided in two events; the municipal and the departmental contest, where the competitors must dance typical dances, and they have to do other traditional activities. In the end of the festival, the Queen of San Pedro is crowned.
In the same festival there is a bullfighting show. It is very popular in Espinal, so outside the bullring there are some places for dancing, drinking and enjoying the festival with friends. These places are called “casetas”. In there, people can have a “party time”.
During two amazing days, people can taste the most delicious typical food in Espinal; the “Lechona and Tamal” and also during the festival people go to the river with their families in order to swim and cook. The San Pedro’s Fest is an amazing celebration that invites foreigners and nationals.
by Jessica Florez Rodriguez

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