Saturday, February 18, 2017

A pot-ride in La Chamba!

When we think about what to do for some holidays or simply to take advantage of free time on a weekend, we can choose among countless activities that can be performed in our large Colombia, whether you go alone or with your loved ones. Placing us geographically in a town called El Espinal in the department of Tolima; this small town is well known for being a sector with a great gastronomic variety, including the suckling pig, which is a dish prepared with rice, pork and other ingredients. Also the well-known Tamal Tolimense. Now talking about places to  enjoy with the family we can see that El Espinal has a warm climate and is near to a creek and also a site called the ‘Malecón de la Chamba’, which is the perfect place for the famous ‘pot rides’ and enjoy with the family a dip on the river bank, but remember be careful with children during this kind of rides.

This and many more activities can be done in our beautiful and beloved Colombia that provides us many landscapes to share with family and friends.
by Angela Cardenas Soto

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