Saturday, February 18, 2017

An afternoon in the Museum!

I went to Ibagué, the capital city of the department of Tolima with my friends. 

I remember that the weather was very windy. First, we visited The Museum Of Arts; it’s located in the historical neighborhood of Belén. Inside of the museum we can saw exhibitions of different collections that were sheltered with the intention of promoting the development of the plastic and visual arts in a wide activity. It could contribute to a playful, artistic and cultural space for interacting with people of all ages. There were many people. I was amazed, the museum was pretty.
After that, we visited the museum for three times, we took a break at midday. I invited a friend for a coffee and then we bought ice cream and ate pizza in the shopping center.
It was a great day! 
by Darlyn Perdomo Ortiz

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