Sunday, February 12, 2017


Hello, My Name Is Marison Steffania Amaya, and I am going to speak about Melgar, a municipality in the department of Tolima, Colombia.  

MELGAR, has more than seven thousand swimming pools! It gives the municipality one of the highest indexes of swimming pools for inhabitant in the world, thereby it is called "The city of the swimming pools ". 

This municipality of beautiful landscapes and warm weather also owns REPTILIA CITY, a place that is also another principal attraction for visitors, where the different reptile species give an incredible spectacle to whom it comes. 

Also the beautiful waterfalls in the ‘Veraguas’ Path and LA CAJITA are beautiful places, where it is possible to enjoy the vegetation and marvels of the wild landscape. For the ice cream lovers, nothing better than a glass of CHOLAO (mixture of scraped ice, fruits and sauces) at the Melgar's Central Park.

We can also find a zoo, a cinema, different swimming pools and very good accommodation.

 by Marisson Amaya 

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