Saturday, February 18, 2017

Getting fun at Pueblito Espinaluno!

It seemed like to be a sunny day like others but there was a little different. My friends and I had decided to meet to celebrate everybody has passed the exams as well Yeimi´s birthday. We decided to meet my place and then go to see some cultural events that would be shown in “Pueblito Espinaluno”, there we met some other friends, so the laughs, pictures and jokes didn’t wait. 
After being there and share a nice time, I told them to go to another place to eat and buy something to drink, so we went to a small grocery store where we ate and we kept joking quite a while. Finally, we went to a small place where we drank some beers and danced. And so that was how our small celebration ended! 
by Karem Triana Urueña

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