Saturday, February 18, 2017

Enjoying Guamo in Tolima!

Guamo is a small town in Tolima. It has beautiful landscapes; it is a quiet place of nice and fun people. Guamo has different kinds of fruits such as mango, lemon, tangerine, oranges and papaya.
We have different rivers like the Luisa River, Saldaña River and the Magdalena River; so people enjoy  swimming, cooking near to the river and sharing with their families. That´s called "paseo de olla" (pot trip). Some people go to fishing in the Magdalena River and know many kinds of animals such as turtles, rays, small crocodiles and large lizards.

Close to the rivers there are some stores where people can drink beer, dance and listen to music. People also practice different sports like soccer, volleyball and billar. In Guamo there is a sidewalk called "La Chamba" that it's internationally famous for its culture and for its beautiful arts and crafts.
by Karen Suarez Padilla

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