Saturday, February 18, 2017

River pots!

December 31st  is an important day in my region because every family joins to say good-bye to the old year and to give the welcome to the new year in happiness.
In my family, we use to wear new clothes  to celebrate the zero hour. When the new year comes, we all give each other our good wishes  and then we sat down to eat chicken soup, usually cooked by our grandmother. Later, we have dinner, and the adults give a few words to drink. While down, some of them drink ‘aguardiente’ (a regional liquor) and tell the stories on behalf of elders.
On the next day, we prepare the typical ‘paseo de olla’ (a pot trip). We go to a place called ‘Batatas’; it is a very visited river by tourists because it is not turbulent and the water is fresh. 

by Andres Rodriguez Tello

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