Saturday, February 18, 2017

Walking Pacande Hill!

The  Pacande hill is considered a touristic site very visited at certain times of the year. It is located on the road to Velu in the municipality of Natagaima-Tolima. On holiday in April, I usually climb this hill with a group of friends. We got up at 5:00 am and we meet at 5:30 am in the central park to take transportation and going to the place scheduled. This tour last just twenty minutes. Then you need to take a path through the vegetation that leads straight to the top of the hill; however, there is a detour that leads to a small hamlet inhabited by a religious community known as” Los Encostalados”. They kindly show to tourists their customs, as how  their homes are built and sometimes they give them food. This visit can last for a period of 30 minutes, and from this point to the top of the hill there are about another 30 minutes. 

When you arrive to the top of the hill, you can enjoy a beautiful landscape where the Magdalena River and a lush vegetation converge. My friends and I took the opportunity to take many pictures, relaxing, eating and drinking water. Finally we started the descent, that must be taken carefully because of its geography. 

by Danna Rodriguez Manjarrez

Getting fun at Pueblito Espinaluno!

It seemed like to be a sunny day like others but there was a little different. My friends and I had decided to meet to celebrate everybody has passed the exams as well Yeimi´s birthday. We decided to meet my place and then go to see some cultural events that would be shown in “Pueblito Espinaluno”, there we met some other friends, so the laughs, pictures and jokes didn’t wait. 
After being there and share a nice time, I told them to go to another place to eat and buy something to drink, so we went to a small grocery store where we ate and we kept joking quite a while. Finally, we went to a small place where we drank some beers and danced. And so that was how our small celebration ended! 
by Karem Triana Urueña

Tolima on wheels!

Usually when I travel to Espinal town, I enjoy going to study with my partner in travel, she always rides her motorcycle, and every afternoon is full of different emotions. 
In our trip on wheels, I am able to see the landscapes that I found out around me. Every day the mountains are more beautiful, have more life, and the clouds take different forms. 
In the way I am always talking to her, who unlike me cannot appreciate the same way. I see her focusing in every curve and traffic signal. I seek to make her laugh out a bit, trying to get relaxed before entering to class that maybe can give us a peak emotional state.
The best part of this adventure is that I can disconnect me from the routine. 
We sometimes stop at the Magdalena River where there is a lot of environment diversity, this space helps me to reflect and finish my day without stress.
The best part of this adventure is that I can disconnect me from the routine. We sometimes stop at the Magdalena River where there is a lot of environment diversity, this space helps me to reflect and finish my day without stress.
Every night is unique, sometimes it rains and it´s cold; however at the end of the day we are happy. I am learning how to ride motorcycles and that is coming more exciting every time!
by Luz Roa Hoyos

A weekend in Prado, Tolima!

Some time ago I visited a beautiful place close to my family's town called Prado, Tolima. It is an incredible place that we all should visit because it is an nice, calm and beautiful place that you can enjoy with your friends or family. I had a very nice weekend and it was an incredible experience. 

We were all together; my cousins, my aunts, my dad and my brother. We enjoyed the evening in the swimming pool. Then we prepare some food and we went away to take a rest. I was charmed with the gardens full of colors!

by Jennifer Ramirez Barrero

An afternoon in the Museum!

I went to Ibagué, the capital city of the department of Tolima with my friends. 

I remember that the weather was very windy. First, we visited The Museum Of Arts; it’s located in the historical neighborhood of Belén. Inside of the museum we can saw exhibitions of different collections that were sheltered with the intention of promoting the development of the plastic and visual arts in a wide activity. It could contribute to a playful, artistic and cultural space for interacting with people of all ages. There were many people. I was amazed, the museum was pretty.
After that, we visited the museum for three times, we took a break at midday. I invited a friend for a coffee and then we bought ice cream and ate pizza in the shopping center.
It was a great day! 
by Darlyn Perdomo Ortiz

A funny day in 'La Caimanera'!

In the Espinal town, there are many funny places to go walking with the family and friends.  So, my family, some friends and I went last Sunday to a place called 'La Caimanera'. This place is on the banks of the Magdalena River, and there you can swim and take a boat ride. We went there by motorcycles and the traffic was good. There weren't many cars on the road and the travel was quiet. 
I think  La Caimanera is a nice place to have lunch and buy lots of things like chips, candy and sodas. As we were there our children were swimming and we had a very funny day.     
by Angela Lizcano Ramirez

San Pedro's Fest!

In my hometown Espinal; there is a festival called “San Pedro’s Festival”. It is a popular celebration. San Pedro is celebrated every year in summer time from June 24th to July 4th , the numerous events held include a horse riding, fireworks, live music concerts, parades and a beauty contest.
The beauty contest is divided in two events; the municipal and the departmental contest, where the competitors must dance typical dances, and they have to do other traditional activities. In the end of the festival, the Queen of San Pedro is crowned.
In the same festival there is a bullfighting show. It is very popular in Espinal, so outside the bullring there are some places for dancing, drinking and enjoying the festival with friends. These places are called “casetas”. In there, people can have a “party time”.
During two amazing days, people can taste the most delicious typical food in Espinal; the “Lechona and Tamal” and also during the festival people go to the river with their families in order to swim and cook. The San Pedro’s Fest is an amazing celebration that invites foreigners and nationals.
by Jessica Florez Rodriguez

A pot-ride in La Chamba!

When we think about what to do for some holidays or simply to take advantage of free time on a weekend, we can choose among countless activities that can be performed in our large Colombia, whether you go alone or with your loved ones. Placing us geographically in a town called El Espinal in the department of Tolima; this small town is well known for being a sector with a great gastronomic variety, including the suckling pig, which is a dish prepared with rice, pork and other ingredients. Also the well-known Tamal Tolimense. Now talking about places to  enjoy with the family we can see that El Espinal has a warm climate and is near to a creek and also a site called the ‘Malecón de la Chamba’, which is the perfect place for the famous ‘pot rides’ and enjoy with the family a dip on the river bank, but remember be careful with children during this kind of rides.

This and many more activities can be done in our beautiful and beloved Colombia that provides us many landscapes to share with family and friends.
by Angela Cardenas Soto

Enjoying Guamo in Tolima!

Guamo is a small town in Tolima. It has beautiful landscapes; it is a quiet place of nice and fun people. Guamo has different kinds of fruits such as mango, lemon, tangerine, oranges and papaya.
We have different rivers like the Luisa River, Saldaña River and the Magdalena River; so people enjoy  swimming, cooking near to the river and sharing with their families. That´s called "paseo de olla" (pot trip). Some people go to fishing in the Magdalena River and know many kinds of animals such as turtles, rays, small crocodiles and large lizards.

Close to the rivers there are some stores where people can drink beer, dance and listen to music. People also practice different sports like soccer, volleyball and billar. In Guamo there is a sidewalk called "La Chamba" that it's internationally famous for its culture and for its beautiful arts and crafts.
by Karen Suarez Padilla

Family Day!

A Sunday each month, most members of my family met.  This is an important day for me, because we have the opportunity to speak, laugh, dance, play and share together. Last time was September 2016. That time was in the house my uncle Lucy. In the morning we bought and prepared all for the day. All day we ate meat, potatoes, yucca and chili, and drank soda and beer. There were my parents, grandparents, cousins, uncles, brothers, nephews and home friends. In the afternoon played football with the children and eat ice cream. We finally thanked to God for that day and to come real the dream of each month. 
I love my family! 
by Paola Sierra Garcia 

River pots!

December 31st  is an important day in my region because every family joins to say good-bye to the old year and to give the welcome to the new year in happiness.
In my family, we use to wear new clothes  to celebrate the zero hour. When the new year comes, we all give each other our good wishes  and then we sat down to eat chicken soup, usually cooked by our grandmother. Later, we have dinner, and the adults give a few words to drink. While down, some of them drink ‘aguardiente’ (a regional liquor) and tell the stories on behalf of elders.
On the next day, we prepare the typical ‘paseo de olla’ (a pot trip). We go to a place called ‘Batatas’; it is a very visited river by tourists because it is not turbulent and the water is fresh. 

by Andres Rodriguez Tello

First time in the Ocean!

It was January 2016. My father, mother, brother and I were to the sea for the first time. That was the most beautiful experience I've lived in my life, the ocean is immense and beautiful.
We rode a boat on the sea usually called “El Gusanito”(the little worm), It was great!
We ate a lot of fish the whole week. I loved the beaches, the culture, the climate and the breeze.

We were just a week in Santa Marta before we came back home but with beautiful memories of an unforgettable travel. I will never forget this travel.
by Andres Felipe Rodriguez C.

Walking Lovers!

In my region people are walking lovers. We go for a long walk on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday with our family to cook and have lunch at the riverside. People sometimes go to the river for relaxing. Most inhabitants of Guamo, go to the  Cucuana River, as it is very crazy. There are some places where bathing is very enjoyable; water is often fast flowing, so that draws attention of people.
It is a good place to share with friends.
There is an abundance of vegetation. My family loves to walk along the river every fifteen or twenty days. This is a place where you can relax, thinking and the most important: you can have fun!

Besides that, you can have a good and enjoyable Sancocho with your family. Cucuana is very beautiful; it is a really nice place to spend a day.  

by Anny Rocha Mejia  

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Remembering Cartagena´s Sunrise!

Sixth day of December, 2013. It was 9 pm and we arrived to a hotel in Cartagena. My friend Laura  had a brilliant idea; walk Cartagena to see the sunrise on the Wall. In that moment our adventure began. We saw the San Felipe Castle and we continued walking. We saw a hotel which we fantasized; I can not remember the name in this moment but it was, for me, the best hotel I had seen. I was happy, I sang  and danced through the streets of Cartagena, but many were very tired and we could not continue. From twenty, we remained only four.

After many paths, we finally arrived to the Wall. I have fuzzy memories of what my friends spoke in that moment, because it was early morning and I was very exhausted. After we waited some time, we rode by taxi and arrived to the beach. It was the best sunrise of my life… 
by Angie Ramirez Alfaro

Rumba and Rio!

Rumba and Rio is a natural spa in El Guamo-Tolima, it is situated in the locality of Rincon Santo, frecuently it is visited at the weekend by tourists and citizen of the región. It is a place to relax with activities such as; fishing, the motorized canoeing and table games. This is a good place to share with the family. On the other hand, it has volleyball and football courts, to stimulate the socialization and interaction of the different visitors.  

On January 1st, I went with all my family, it was a fun time because I could share with my parents. We shared too much with all the family allowing a better relation between us; additionally, we set a bonfire together in the beach, so later we could go fishing. Finally we played football in the court and we fell down. 
We laughed a lot because everything was funny.
by Leidy Martinez Devia