Sunday, February 12, 2017


We are a Colombian municipality located in the department of Tolima, located in the center of the country, on the upper basin of the most beautiful rivers that is the ‘cupcake’ where many of our ancestors sailed day and night being their only means of transport and power supply.

Thanks to its strategic location, our town is ideal to become the best summer resort and recreation place, for the privilege of having means of river transport, air and road and rail, it is an unforgettable experience to share with family on a Sunday stroll by boat along the river and observe the landscape that nature provides us. Here we can perform activities such as bathing, ride pot, boating, and fishing or enjoy the touristic train that runs from   
Girardot to our town through the iron that is via pedestrian with a view towards the river, its surrounding areas and from there you can see the ‘Ospina’ bridge.

We pioneered the start of aviation in Colombia with the first flight done in the country by an airline founded by a German SCADTA, who came from Barranquilla to our town through the Magdalena River. The flight was made in a seaplane, but later Vila built the Santiago airport, which serves as a bridge connecting the city and the country.

From there we can develop aeronautics weekend activities family as paragliders, kites, directed flights and aerial tours of the region where we see our vegetation and fresh air. Santiago Vila airport have become a great heritage for the center of the country. Another attractions we have for the tourists arriving both business and passing, are the largest production of the traditional ‘Achira’ plants and biscuits of the region to all those tourists who visit our town looking for tasty crunchy baked snacks.

by Mery Acevedo Herrera 

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