Friday, December 1, 2017

Metting a Marble Mine!

Last week I was visiting a mine that produces a mineral called Marmol, located in the city of Payande Tolima, this product is used in different industries, for example in foods such as concentrates for animals, in the manufacture of makeup, it is a raw material to produce cement, paintings and other products. It was a very beautiful experience, since we observed the elaboration from its beginning that is when the marble is crushed in particules until it turns into dust, this is classified according to its thickness to be packed in bags of 25 kilos for its commercialization.

Then we visited the quarries where they extracted the raw material. We continue, along the road that leads from Payande to San Luis, arriving to the Rio Viejo Wetland Nature Reserve, we feel an infinite peace. After that, we went to the Rio Luisa where I bathed.

It was a very pleasant experience, we also went with my wife by motorcycle, we spent all our time bathing and having lunch in Guamo, then around six in the afternoon we got back home. Finally, I invite you to visit the Payande mines and the Rio Viejo Wetland Natural Reserve, because the experience is very beautiful and satisfying.

by Carlos Javier Gutierrez 

San Andres Island!

Last year I had the opportunity to visit the island of San Andres, located on the northwest of Colombia with an area of ​​26 square kilometers that makes it the largest of the archipelago, its climate is warm, has beautiful touristic sites to see the beauty that is within its waters. 

The places that I liked the most of those that I visited, were Aquarium Island, Haynes Cay and Jhony Cay because I could see marine animals, such as sea stars, stingrays, sea urchins, corals, among others; also observe a large number of iguanas of all sizes; This was really amazing. 

The Jhony Cay Island is one of the most visited by tourists, is characterized by its large waves that reach up to three meters high when the tide is high, all food and drinks are very expensive because it is a not hablitable island, because at sunset the tide rises and covers it completely. 

Back to the main island, the guide of the boat showed us the seven colors that the sea has, this experience was one of the most wonderful things I have ever lived. 

by Edna Tafur Callejas

Meeting Peru!

That special day began traveling through my country Colombia to reach the border with Ecuador, country in which I reached my first stop in the trip, followed by the country of Peru. The city of Trujillo was where I knew the difference of culture that they have with us. Their way of speaking, their settled, the different terms they have about food. We know it in a way they call it differently and there the curiosity to know its history, its politics, all about that beautiful country and the city of Trujillo. Their physical appearance are very similar because they are indigenous style too, very similar to our country. We visited museums, the sea and geography of ​​that part of the world. Most food is fish and its unique style with rocoto "chili". Walking through the interior of the Chan Chan Citadel, was be able to recognize squares, houses, stores, workshops, markets and temples in the form of truncated pyramids along its more than twenty square kilometers of extension. The merits of the Chimú ingenuity will dazzle the visitor with its hydraulic works; huge water tanks that provided their inhabitants in times of drought or summer; places where currently the “totora” grows, plant with which they made their barges. The center of Chan Chan is constituted by nine citadels or rectangular walled palaces which, in the past, harbored everything necessary for the life of the rulers and their families. The motifs of birds, fish, gods and other beings embodied in its walls, which can exceed 9 meters in height, will transport tourists to the heart of a world whose vital axis was the sea.

A hard difficult trip!

I left the country a few months ago to the US until then everything normal, but everything began to get complicated at the time of arriving at El Dorado airport in the city of Bogotá.
I was traveling alone, I went quickly to check in on my corresponding airline, a police dog sniffed my suitcase and the lady from the airline counter asked me a lot of questions.

At that time, I started to get a little nervous and it was no wonder a police officer approached me and said "Sir, he can accompany me to do a search" I would gladly accompany him and while he was walking the agent told me it was a personal search since they saw me only and suspicious, at that moment I told him what was happening to where I was traveling and everything got worse when I told him that my flight was calling in Mexico.

After the review and take my flight to Mexico 3 hours and 30 minutes I arrived to Mexico DC, pass through customs and things I have ever seem. There a very quiet federal police told me I had to give him the perfume that I wore in my luggage or he would not let me pass and I would miss my flight. I delivered my perfume and so I could continue my way and wait 12 hours more to take the last flight to New York.

When I arrived in New York, I told myself, I did not understand, I was beginning, when I moved to migration I had a trait agent who did not understand any Spanish, for that reason he did not understand me at that moment I told myself why I did not learn English? I measured chest blows myself. 

So, I spent 24 hours traveling, but in the end those were the best and most rewarding vacations.

by Gustavo Rodriguez

Visiting the Andaqui monument!

Every year, my famyly and I visit the Caqueta Department, during my holidays in June. We usually go to the municipality of belen of the Andaquies, where they celebrate their festivities honoring an old statue that is the last antique by the sculptor Emiro Garzon. This monument to the Andaqui people is located at the entrance of the town. It has a height of 8 m and 4.50 m wide. It symbolizes an Andaqui that emerges from the depts of the earth; his hands are the symbol of rebellion, that rises in the infinite; from the bottom of the earth sprout, instead, two other hands that try to sink the face of the indigenous. Thanks to this monument, the municipality is very visited by tourists, because it is a very beautiful sculpture. 

With my family, we are always going to make pictures of us. It is something very striking for us and for the native people of this community. The Andaquies are very kind with all its visitors. This is a very nice land. 

by Juan Camilo Andrade

The best memory of my life; Madrid, Spain!

After 5 years without seeing my sister ... The long awaited day arrived! From the moment I arrived at the airport I felt very nervous, I could not believe I was going to fly to another continent. After 11 long hours, I was in the great dream of EUROPE. After I Picked up the suitcases, I turned my eyes and there she was with her husband and my two nieces waiting. They were very happy to see that I had finally arrived. My great adventure began, we went to lunch and I had a delicious chicken sandwich and a juice, and they have a potato cake with meat. While I was in the car on my way to her house, it was spectacular to see all those great buildings and to know how different it was from Colombia.  Everything absolutely everything was different.

My sister made every day that happened during two months the best of my life. I had the opportunity to know many places, among them were "Plaza de España, Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol, Plaza de Toros de las Ventas, Puerta de Alcalá" She helped me to fulfill the dream of meeting the elephants. When I was a child I always wanted to see one, so we went to the Madrid Zoo and then to the amusement park.

I didn’t want time pass by, but it was time to return to Colombia, so one day before we went to the cable car and from the top I saw everything Madrid, it was really wonderful, the landscapes were very beautiful.

The saddest moment had arrived ... and it was to say goodbye to them. I remember that I cried hugging her, I did not want to leave her ... I did not want to leave, but I had to. I will always remember this trip as the best moment of my life.

by Daniela Vela Vásquez

Magic Mud in La Chamba!

My article is based on the creation of clay pieces in in La Chamba, a small village nearby El Espinal, Tolima. I will show you their location and presentation of such beautiful work done by the Tolimenses. To the southeast of El Guamo in Tolima, there is a territory in which the magic of mud and colors combine to give life to a ceramic full of history

The boom in the development of the ceramic pieces of La Chamba and the motivation of the artisans to continue differentiating themselves in the whole country with their creations, the artisans obtained more support to continue strengthening their craft and make it unique in the country.

The ceramic tradition of La Chamba could not exist without those craftsmen who have put the soul, life and heart to each piece of craft that comes from this beautiful land and with their hands keep alive a tradition that has led them to be recognized in every country.

The production of ceramics in La Chamba is mainly linked to women. They are the ones who with their hands begin to give life to the mud, which has previously been obtained and prepared by the men of the region. It should be noted that they also produce ceramic pieces, but in a smaller proportion than the artisans. These pieces bear the ingenuity and magical inspiration of artisans who day after day strive to show their best and tell the world that their pottery is a unique and traditional object that represents a land that is built with mud and he is proud of his talent. 

by Yaneth Niño Montoya