Sunday, February 12, 2017

Remembering Cartagena´s Sunrise!

Sixth day of December, 2013. It was 9 pm and we arrived to a hotel in Cartagena. My friend Laura  had a brilliant idea; walk Cartagena to see the sunrise on the Wall. In that moment our adventure began. We saw the San Felipe Castle and we continued walking. We saw a hotel which we fantasized; I can not remember the name in this moment but it was, for me, the best hotel I had seen. I was happy, I sang  and danced through the streets of Cartagena, but many were very tired and we could not continue. From twenty, we remained only four.

After many paths, we finally arrived to the Wall. I have fuzzy memories of what my friends spoke in that moment, because it was early morning and I was very exhausted. After we waited some time, we rode by taxi and arrived to the beach. It was the best sunrise of my life… 
by Angie Ramirez Alfaro

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