Sunday, February 12, 2017


After 10:00 am, I met my family to have breakfast, so then we went to visit the park of the locomotive. Here you can find the old train station, railway and buildings of the National Railways of the city, part of the national heritage of transportation. If you don't tale a picture in the park of the locomotive, you have not visited Girardot!

We continued our journey, trying to find an old touristic monument in the region called "The Boga". The monument is located in the area of access to Embarcadero Resort, and it is a memorial of a fisherman who lived on the banks of the Magdalena River, where he worked and made canoe tours always with his fishing net. 

During the tour we walked, we saw the Magdalena River and there we found the touristic Giradot¿s Pier, located in the south eastern corner of 12th street  and 12th career on the current nomenclature, and on the north bank of the Magdalena River. This center provides a river walks, swimming pool, bar and restaurant service. 

by Dahiana Bernal Bonilla

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