Friday, December 1, 2017

Visiting the Andaqui monument!

Every year, my famyly and I visit the Caqueta Department, during my holidays in June. We usually go to the municipality of belen of the Andaquies, where they celebrate their festivities honoring an old statue that is the last antique by the sculptor Emiro Garzon. This monument to the Andaqui people is located at the entrance of the town. It has a height of 8 m and 4.50 m wide. It symbolizes an Andaqui that emerges from the depts of the earth; his hands are the symbol of rebellion, that rises in the infinite; from the bottom of the earth sprout, instead, two other hands that try to sink the face of the indigenous. Thanks to this monument, the municipality is very visited by tourists, because it is a very beautiful sculpture. 

With my family, we are always going to make pictures of us. It is something very striking for us and for the native people of this community. The Andaquies are very kind with all its visitors. This is a very nice land. 

by Juan Camilo Andrade

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