Friday, December 1, 2017

Meeting Peru!

That special day began traveling through my country Colombia to reach the border with Ecuador, country in which I reached my first stop in the trip, followed by the country of Peru. The city of Trujillo was where I knew the difference of culture that they have with us. Their way of speaking, their settled, the different terms they have about food. We know it in a way they call it differently and there the curiosity to know its history, its politics, all about that beautiful country and the city of Trujillo. Their physical appearance are very similar because they are indigenous style too, very similar to our country. We visited museums, the sea and geography of ​​that part of the world. Most food is fish and its unique style with rocoto "chili". Walking through the interior of the Chan Chan Citadel, was be able to recognize squares, houses, stores, workshops, markets and temples in the form of truncated pyramids along its more than twenty square kilometers of extension. The merits of the ChimĂș ingenuity will dazzle the visitor with its hydraulic works; huge water tanks that provided their inhabitants in times of drought or summer; places where currently the “totora” grows, plant with which they made their barges. The center of Chan Chan is constituted by nine citadels or rectangular walled palaces which, in the past, harbored everything necessary for the life of the rulers and their families. The motifs of birds, fish, gods and other beings embodied in its walls, which can exceed 9 meters in height, will transport tourists to the heart of a world whose vital axis was the sea.

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