Friday, December 1, 2017

Metting a Marble Mine!

Last week I was visiting a mine that produces a mineral called Marmol, located in the city of Payande Tolima, this product is used in different industries, for example in foods such as concentrates for animals, in the manufacture of makeup, it is a raw material to produce cement, paintings and other products. It was a very beautiful experience, since we observed the elaboration from its beginning that is when the marble is crushed in particules until it turns into dust, this is classified according to its thickness to be packed in bags of 25 kilos for its commercialization.

Then we visited the quarries where they extracted the raw material. We continue, along the road that leads from Payande to San Luis, arriving to the Rio Viejo Wetland Nature Reserve, we feel an infinite peace. After that, we went to the Rio Luisa where I bathed.

It was a very pleasant experience, we also went with my wife by motorcycle, we spent all our time bathing and having lunch in Guamo, then around six in the afternoon we got back home. Finally, I invite you to visit the Payande mines and the Rio Viejo Wetland Natural Reserve, because the experience is very beautiful and satisfying.

by Carlos Javier Gutierrez 

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