Friday, December 1, 2017

A hard difficult trip!

I left the country a few months ago to the US until then everything normal, but everything began to get complicated at the time of arriving at El Dorado airport in the city of Bogotá.
I was traveling alone, I went quickly to check in on my corresponding airline, a police dog sniffed my suitcase and the lady from the airline counter asked me a lot of questions.

At that time, I started to get a little nervous and it was no wonder a police officer approached me and said "Sir, he can accompany me to do a search" I would gladly accompany him and while he was walking the agent told me it was a personal search since they saw me only and suspicious, at that moment I told him what was happening to where I was traveling and everything got worse when I told him that my flight was calling in Mexico.

After the review and take my flight to Mexico 3 hours and 30 minutes I arrived to Mexico DC, pass through customs and things I have ever seem. There a very quiet federal police told me I had to give him the perfume that I wore in my luggage or he would not let me pass and I would miss my flight. I delivered my perfume and so I could continue my way and wait 12 hours more to take the last flight to New York.

When I arrived in New York, I told myself, I did not understand, I was beginning, when I moved to migration I had a trait agent who did not understand any Spanish, for that reason he did not understand me at that moment I told myself why I did not learn English? I measured chest blows myself. 

So, I spent 24 hours traveling, but in the end those were the best and most rewarding vacations.

by Gustavo Rodriguez

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